Asset Management Solutions

infra ai is a platform that provides advanced analytics and near real-time data.

Infra ai enables customers to reduce the cost of operating transportation assets while improving safety for the traveling public.

How infra ai works

infra ai was founded by transportation asset management industry experts and technologists. They adapted IoT and advanced analytics technologies that have been leveraged successfully in adjacent industries to modernize transportation asset management workflows. Asset management firms are deploying infra ai to de-risk their projects and optimize their resources at a fraction of the cost.

infra ai is on a mission to improve


Inspection Costs


Inspection Frequency


Portfolio Trends


Guesswork Related Remaining Useful Life

Public Infrastructure

Today’s Municipalities and private sector asset managers seek to digitize their infrastructure assets to better understand the makeup and condition of their portfolio. infra ai’s platform makes it incredibly easy for for asset managers to obtain a view of their critical infrastructure’s location and its remaining useful life.

How easy? Identify a neighborhood, public park or your entire city and the infra ai platform provides a fully populated inventory with visualization and annotation capabilities.

Need a cost-effective condition assessment? infra ai provides a full condition assessment within our platform as well as easy ways to view your entire portfolio’s health and prioritize maintenance activities.

Have an existing asset management system? infra ai invests in interoperability data standards and provides most commonly used data types. Our data is seamlessly accessed across platforms. Infra AI focuses providing on enabling clients to achieve a more effective work force, improved infrastructure condition, happy citizens, and efficiently deployed public funds.

Economic Development

Across the globe, Infra AI supports NGOs in developing Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) projects for emerging countries. These projects are pivotal in bringing equity to a region’s infrastructure footprint. Creating a digital footprint of existing infrastructure and often highlighting the lack of infrastructure enables funders to eradicate poverty effectively and source more opportunities for aid. . Through digitizing assets, aid organizations and non-profits can determine the areas of most need/impact, efficiently track investments, and ensure equitable distribution of aid. Infra AI’s asset tracking and monitoring eliminates inequitable distribution.

Official Development Assistance (ODA) has exceeded $211bn annually. This support is traditionally tracked with antiquated methods such as handwritten reports. Infra AI accelerates sustainable development goals by documenting, tracking, and reporting on digital transformation goals and investments. Infra AI achieves this by training and empowering local recipients to create documentation in a secure, interoperable digital system that grants equitable access for private and public use.

How does it work?

Throughout the globe, infra ai partners with aid organizations and non-profits to prioritize regions of most need of infrastructure enhancements. infra ai then leverages our network of local support entities to create a digital record of each phase of an infrastructure project’s development, from design through operations. Infra AI brings a holistic approach to executing global assistance projects. Our team manages the entire process, from data capture to quality assurance, on behalf of our aid partners. Infra AI’ deliverables are custom-tailored to the our partners’ desired outcomes, from providing approved entities access imagery and documentation to even public-facing data displays, all can be achieved through infra ai’s interoperable platform.

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